Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mount Pleasant Officer Honored After Saving a Life

On the evening of April 22nd at about 6 p.m. Officer Darren Raley was just getting home after his 10 hour shift. As he exited his car he heard someone screaming for help several houses down. Officer Raley without hesitation ran to where the calls for help were coming from and found that his neighbor’s father had collapsed in the trunk of his car, was not breathing or responsive. Officer Raley instructed other bystanders to help him remove the victim from the trunk of the car and he immediately began administering lifesaving attention to his neighbor’s father. We received a call from the victim's daughter on April 28th praising Officer Raley’s heroic efforts when no one else would stop and help. She said without Officers Raley’s immediate response her father would have died in the trunk of the car.

Please join us in recognizing Officer Raley for his quick action and life saving efforts!

Photo courtesy of Marquel Coaxum.