Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cooper River Bridge Run Information

Below are the scheduled times for road closings on the Mount Pleasant Side of the Cooper River Bridge Run.
4:30am    Race route closed - Chuck Dawley to Whilden St. on Coleman Blvd.
                Officers will divert northbound Coleman traffic down Whilden St.

5:00am   Shuttles begin running. Pickup locations for Mount Pleasant:
               Towne Center
               Whitesides Elementary School
               Laing Middle School

               Shuttles will return participants to Mt Pleasant from finish line.

6:30am   Whilden to Houston Northcutt will be closed to vehicle traffic.
               Houston Northcutt traffic will be diverted towards the Ravenel.
               West Coleman traffic will be diverted onto Houston Northcutt.
               Wheelchair athletes escorted to start line.


7:00am   Closure of Ravenel Bridge (both directions)
               Hwy 17 from Houston Northcutt to the Ravenel Bridge in both directions.
               Race route in Mt Pleasant completely secured.
               Wheelchair athletes warming up on course.

7:15am    Vehicle parade begins for wheelchair athletes.

7:25am    Wheelchair race starts.

8:00am    Cooper River Bridge Run Begins.

10:30am   Approximate time for straggler bus to begin on Mount Pleasant side.

11:00am   Approximate time for Ravenel Bridge to re-open.