Friday, October 3, 2014

New Business Connection

The Mount Pleasant Police Department is taking innovative policing to the next level by using 
a mobile application that will keep businesses informed of valuable information in real time.

Through the use of VizSafe, Mount Pleasant police will be able to send business that are signed 
up for the service information about shoplifting and robbery suspects, crime trends, crime
prevention effort, alerts and other information that may impact their businesses in Mount 

“The VizSafe application has allowed us to connect with our businesses so that we can now 
send vital information quickly to store managers, loss prevention officers and owners,” says
Inspector Chip Googe. “We can send a push notification directly to these businesses that will
show up on a smartphone or on a desktop computer.”

Inspector Googe encourages businesses in the Town of Mount Pleasant to apply for this 
FREE service.

“More participation will help ensure the program’s success. Any business in Mount Pleasant 
can apply to be a part of this network,” Googe says. “We foresee this program growing into a
Lowcountry network that helps curtail crime in the tri-county area and not just Mount Pleasant.”

If you wish to be included in this network, please contact Inspector Chip Googe at